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Iona Adams

Honestly, if it wasn’t for Alex, I wouldn’t have done any of this. Alex helped me to start to think and change my diet. But the main thing he helped me with was my mindset. Alex supported me with every decision I made from quitting my job at the time to moving out of Birmingham and back to Dorset.

He helped me do a complete 180 from being so negative to looking for the positives and gave me so much encouragement. What I LOVE about working with Alex is, that we focus on mental health and overall wellbeing. The tools and resources he showed me are second to none! If I could tell myself a year from that first photo I would be where I am today I wouldn’t of believed it. I have now been able to put all the knowledge and tools he has given me into practice on my own. Thank you so much!


I can tell that Alex actually cares. That is the best part. I didn’t think I’d be anywhere near where I am now – I am 5 dress sizes down from where I started!

My mental health has also improved, and I have more confidence. All of this is down to working with Alex, I couldn’t have done it without him. 

Wilson Ng

Alex has helped me go from not knowing what to do to thinking I can do everything!

He knows that I am busy with work, family life, and the general stresses of everyday life and he accommodates this whilst getting me to do things I never felt capable of.

Great PT, loads of knowledge and great motivator makes the sessions not only work for me but fun. Worth every penny, definitely recommend.

Rob Evans

I can’t recommend Alex highly enough. Alex helped create a training plan for my first marathon. He took the time to analyse my strengths & weaknesses before creating a tailored plan involving a mixture of cardio workouts & core strengthening exercises.

He helped me set my marathon PB over the past 9 months, I’ve never felt as fit as I do now and I feel I have really benefitted from a lack of injuries which I’m convinced is a result of his experience, care and guidance.

Highly recommended.

Jessica Jarrett

I would highly recommend Alex. Not only for the increased fitness levels but for the health and mental benefits also.

I personally feel he concentrates heavily on your individual needs which is something other trainers don’t take into account.

If you’re looking for a trainer then don’t second guess getting in contact 🙂

Andrew Millington

I really can’t speak highly enough of Alex. I feel stronger, fitter and most importantly happier. Excited to see what we can achieve in the future.

Gemma Lee

Last year I reached a point where my confidence was so low and every photo I saw of me was making it worse. I was disgusted with myself for letting it get to that point.

I’ve lost weight, improved my sleep and diet, and found my confidence again.

I couldn’t have done it without Alex!

Sharon Britt

Can’t thank Alex enough for the guidance and support he gives me. Not only have I lost weight and I’m back in my skinny jeans but he has also built my confidence lifting weights, even whilst training alone! I never thought I would be a strong as I am now, and wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for his coaching! I highly recommend him for your training needs!

Sarah Holmes

My first few PT sessions with Alex were to simply lose a little ‘podge’ in order to fit into a bridesmaid dress in 6 weeks time… 18 months later and I am still working with him!  Every session is different and challenging, the variety continually pushes me and even after so long I still feel the efforts the next day!!

Having broke my wrist 6 months ago, Alex created a new training plan for me which enabled me to maintain my fitness level and to rebuild my strength over time. He gave me the confidence to work with my injury and did so with patience – without his support I’m not sure I would have returned to the gym at all and now I think I am fitter and stronger than ever!

From my own personal experience and also knowing a number of their clients, I would highly recommend Alex to anyone regardless of age, fitness or personal goal.  He is very encouraging, knowledgeable and most importantly he makes exercise fun, being around him is definitely not a chore!

Karen Pearson, 41

Since working with Alex, my confidence and strength has increased massively. We follow a structured programme that allows me to progress my workouts and ensure I never get bored with my training. I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone!

Anthony Adams, 39

Alex has helped me to get back into fitness. His approach is unique, personal and gentle. Each session is fun, interactive, and challenging enough to keep making progress. At first I was nervous but I now look forward to sessions. Keep up the good work!

Salma Hussain, 32

I have been working with Alex for just under a year and the results have been amazing. He has kept me motivated and encouraged me throughout the whole process (and even put up with my moaning) I feel more confident in how I look and have dropped a dress size. Amazing PT, would definitely recommend.

Anette Rziebova, 32

I definitely recommend Alex to everyone who wants to get fitter and healthier or just needs the extra push to achieve it. He is very professional and listens to everyone’s needs!

Lisa Clive, 41

I highly recommend Alex! He is very professional, motivating & supportive. You can really tell that this is more than just a job for him, he really does care!

Ross Giblen, 40

A year and 20kg lighter, big thanks to Alex for all his help and support; as well as putting up with me!

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